Let the extroverts be loud & the introverts precise! 

This activity will bring about “Life” to the team as we sing, write and sing some more!

Based on the idea of being a positive influence to your environment, Be The Voice (BTV) was created to be a form of expression. Exercising both the intellect of word puzzles and the exuberance of the team spirit in a guided experience of writing lyrics to a song based on the company’s mission statement and or values.

Order of the activity

30min activity:

Welcome and briefing:                       10 min

Group singing activity:                        20 min

2 Hour Activity:

Welcome and briefing:                       15 min

Group warm up activity:                     25 min

Group break away room activity:      50 min

Group recording activity:                    30 min

Choose from Three Options.

Groups of 6 – 40 pax                 (30 min – 1 Hour Singing Activity only)                      R170.00pp

Groups of 40 – 60 pax               (2 Hour Full BTV Activity)                                             R270.00pp

Groups of 60 – 100 pax             (2 Hour Full BTV Activity)                                             R265.00 pp

All pricing is based on the activity only, travel excl.

This is a great activity for recalibrating the company vision through unity in song. Music has always pulled people together and can help to realign any misguided views that have creeped in along the way.

Take a deep breath count to two…. (two is all you need!) and LET’S GO!
Our highly energetic hosts are ready to take you on a journey that will push you to places you didn’t
think possible. Unlocking certain abilities, you stand the chance of discovering parts of you that can
help you be the voice in certain situations and make a positive difference to your team and