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We currently have 20 activities that we have converted into a Virtual Team Building (VTB) with more to follow soon.

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We can host your virtual team building event from a minimum of 3 people to a maximum of 90 people. Secure your event slot now!


If you have any account queries relating to your membership or if technical support is required, please make contact with us here!

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Our goal is to walk a road with our clients, to build a company culture where each individual is celebrated for what they bring to the team. To inspire and uplift a growth mindset that will inevitably empower an efficient and productive team of dedicated employees.


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Frequently asked questions

If you are only able to see the introductory detail of the games / activities, then it is possible that you are logged out of the website. Please login or register to see more details according to your membership plan.


Zoom is just one option to use of which we prefer to use for various reasons, however any application that allows for video conferencing, screen sharing and an interactive whiteboard will be able to fulfil the tasks required for the activities.


Your membership level will be reduced to the basic plan until such time as you upgrade your account again to a paid membership plan.


By selecting the Annual Plan, you will be automatically charged for the year upfront & then subsequently every year thereafter until you cancel.

IMPORTANT: If you are migrating from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you will need to sign into your PayFast Account & cancel your monthly recurring payment or it may continue until we are notified.

You can contact us through our support team.


DS Events Bookings Pty Ltd is a registered company providing team building services online to small and medium size companies. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I’ve worked with them for the last 4 year. Rui and his team are amazing. They always delivered on all agreed terms. I gave them a lot of curve ball request and the was never a time that they could not meet the challenge. In my years at Stellebosch university Rui has been my go to supplier."
"Rui is always professional and efficient. One rarely deals with suppliers that send you quotes and answers so quickly."
"Rui is a pleasure to work with. Very efficient and thoughtful!"

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